Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Thank You for trusting us make your family or company an American Flag and Thank You for wanting to display an American Flag in your home of office!  Please remember that we are a VERY small family business, we are a husband-and-wife duo that makes every single flag ourselves from raw wood to packing them into boxes.

Because every single flag is “Hand Crafted” from start to finish, and each flag is “Made to Order” we ask for your patience after ordering one of our pieces of American Flag Art.  Especially if you are ordering after seeing us on National News, please understand that in those times we have a very large influx of orders, and will sometimes need a period of time similar to an artist when commissioned for a piece of art.  Normally our flags are delivered in about 2-6 weeks, but in some cases when we appear on NEWSMAX or FOX NEWS orders can take up to 4-6 months.

Our most important goal is to always produce the highest quality rustic flags available anywhere!  Sometimes this requires a longer wait for our customers, but we ALWAYS deliver our customers flags!

Hand Crafted – For us this means that your flag is 100% handcrafted for QUALITY, no mass production assembly line, no cheap vinyl stickers or stencils & spray paint, every flag is cut, brazed, painted, drilled, and assembled 100% by hand.  AND every single star and 100% of our artwork is painstakingly hand painted with a brush!
Made to Order- For us means that your flag is made AFTER you order it.  It starts from RAW WOOD and will be made with care through every single stage of our process.  Your flag is made from start to finish FOR YOU!

Please feel free to contact us anytime, and for the quickest response please Contact Us (click here) on our contact form.

We look forward to working for you!

I saw the story on Fox this morning. Sorry for your PayPal dilemma. As a seller myself, I feel outrage for PayPal’s treatment of you. Have you considered selling through an Etsy store? Linda

I want to order. 36″, framed, Soldiers walking… Checked boxes, nothing happened to order/pay. Let me know if I can. did not find any place on this site to complete an order.

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