Our Story

For over 20 years I have been a carpenter and my wife an artist…

Est. 2017

Our small family business that was started in Valley Center California deep in the hills of East San Diego county when our 6 year old son asked if we could start a family business making wooden American Flags.  His idea was that he and I (Dad) would make the flags together, and his Mom and sister would hand paint patriotic artwork on them. It was a great idea, but the problem was that at the time we were so broke that we could not even afford to buy the material needed to make a single flag, let alone a collection of them.  However, we did happen to have a $50.00 gift card to Home Depot that was given to us by my my wife’s parents for Christmas that year.  So our business was started with a 6 year old’s idea and $50.00 gift card, and that is not even the best part of our story!

For nearly 2 years we travelled as a family all over the western half of the USA setting up a booth we had built ourselves to display our flags.  We went to country music concerts, gun shows, rodeo’s and all all sorts of event where hard core Patriots are known to go.  Our business made local News on KUSI San Diego in our first year of business where my son Max captured the hearts of San Diego, and business began to really take off. Watch KUSI Interview  

After almost 2 years of traveling the country meeting all kids of absolutely incredibly patriots are business met it’s first major challenge, COVID and the LOCKDOWNS!  With the lockdowns in full effect our current business model would no longer be legal, so we needed to reinvent ourselves online and figure out how to sell our flags from social media, and we did just that, and business actually began to grow, so much so that we were able to make the American Dream of home ownership a reality.  We found our dream home in a new state and small town that was not poisoned by the media’s relentless pandemic fear mongering.  Soon our family settled into our new lives in Harriman Tennessee and were living the American Dream, that it was a short lived dreamed that would soon turn into a nightmare. 

Just 4 months after we started our new life here in Tennessee we noticed that our websites sales suddenly stopped.  I began to look into what was happening and learned that two of the companies we built our business with and had grown to trust with our website hosting and marketing, had betrayed us!  Shopify had began to remove several of our best selling American Flags from our website, and Facebook had suspended our marketing campaign.  Both claiming that the American Flags that we were making “went against their community standards”.  Soon after we learned about what Facebook and Shopify had done, we learned that PayPal had frozen every single cent we had in our business’s eCommerce account.  With the COVID lockdowns in full effect this triple assault on our Store, Marketing and Banking was a death blow to our family business and American Dream. Watch Fox News PayPal De-Banking Interview

It was an overwhelming discovery to learn that our small family business was targeted for Cancellation by 3 of the largest companies in the world in Facebook, Shopify and PayPal.  To learn that Mark Zuckerberg, Tobias Lutke and Dan Schulman as CEO’s of the companies we trusted for several years to build our family business with, weaponized their tech companies to destroy our company and lives simply because we had different political views, was the most devastating and traumatizing experience in my and my wife lives!  To think that we were on some sort of unspoken business kill list for being Christian and Conservative in AMERICA was absolutely terrifying to us.

After desperately looking into every source to replace each of those companies we learned that there was no options outside of other Big Tech companies who would do the very same thing if we gave them the opportunity.  Out out of desperation I turned to the one source that I should have turned to first… GOD! 
Watch “A Testimony of Gods Love” Video

One night in February 2021 after weeks of searching for solutions, our saving down to a couple hundred dollars, all our bill coming due and our kids hungry, I conceded that their was no one on earth that could save our business.  So I left my shop that night feeling lost, confused and defeated, I made the short 100 yard walk from my shop to our house at about 10:30pm, I went to my bedroom where my wife was crying in bed from all the stress we were under and the fear that we could lose everything we have built.  I asked my wife to get out of bed and join me at the foot of our bed so we could Pray together.  Our prayer was simple, we asked God to show us the path he wanted us to walk, and if that was to go back to our old jobs, we would be happy to do it, but if he wanted us to stay in this business and keep making these flags… just show us the path to walk and we would walk his path for us until it ended.  

Less than 10 hours later, out of the blue, NEWSMAX called my after after seeing a post of mine on LinkedIn, they wanted me to come on the Rob Schmitt Tonight show and tell their audience what Facebook and Shopify were doing to our business.   PRAYER WORKS, God is listening!
Watch the Rob Schmitt Tonight Show NEWSMAX interview on NEWSMAX


Facebook, Shopify and PayPal only failed because God showed our story to NEWSMAX, FOX NEWS and Real America’s Voice and brought us on several national news outlets to exposed the dirty tactics these 3 massive Big Tech companies have been using to CANCEL our company and thousands more like ours.  These companies use tactics to bankrupt families, damage reputations and destroy American Dreams!

Soon after we made national news, our story caught the attention of Harmeet Dhillon and the Center for American Liberty who took on the fight against Big Tech for us so that we could get back to doing what we do best, make the highest quality hand crafted solid wood American Flags in the country.  
View Center for American Liberty Case

Just when we thought that the path God had cut out for us was ending, we got a call from a Tennessee Legislator Rep. Monty Fritts who came to our shop to learn everything there was to learn about our ordeal.  Rep. Fritts wanted to see if the was a legislative solution that he could work on here in Tennessee that would protect other business owners from the predatory tactics used by Big Tech companies to destroy companies who have different values than theirs.  In February 2024 I was given the opportunity to testify to the Tennessee legislature about what PayPal had done to us.  So the path we asked for, the path that God has cut out for us continues to clear away and make for new opportunities, new purpose and a more clear mission that becomes more and more important with each step.    
Watch my 2024 Testimony to the Tennessee Legislature

Our Future

Growing Fast

For this amazing journey we would like to sincerely thank our customers for all their support!  Along this journey we have been overwhelmed time and time again, and time and time again our customers have given us the time we need to deliver to them a prefect flag for their home or office!  While delivering our flags on time is important to us, it is far more important to us that we delivery the highest quality flag we are able to build.  So for allowing us this time, and trusting us  to build for them their American Flag, we THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!