Terms & Conditions

Before You Purchase Here Are Our Terms & Conditions

You agree that by purchasing a flag from us at Your American Flag Store, you are commissioning a piece of 100% handcrafted ART that will be created just for YOU.  Every single flag we make is a     commissioned piece of art that is “Made to Order”.  What “Made to Order” means is that your Flag Art has NOT been made yet, and your Flag Art will ONLY be made AFTER it has been paid for in full and you agree to the following Terms & Conditions. 

Art Production Time 
Our normal production time is approx. 2-8 weeks.  HOWEVER, after we were CANCELLED our sales patterns have become consistently sporadic due to a high demand generated when our story is featured on National News, OR, we have personally been interviewed on National News.  Flag Art sold during those times of National Exposure will requires a much longer    production time of up to 6-8 months.  Rest assured, when you order a flag from us you will get a 100% handcrafted, 100% Made in USA Flag, made from our hearts, for your home!   

Refunds are available for up to 1 week from the date of purchase.  After 1 week has passed your flag art will be put into our production schedule and will be started.  Once your flag art has started ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN as we have already allocated time, material and labor for your flag art, and none of those 3 resources can be reused to fulfill any other flag art. 

Production Process
Your can receive an email notification when your flag moves through each stage of production. 
1-   Raw wood stock is cut & ripped into the various parts of your flag art (short & long strips, canton etc.)
2-   Flag art parts are brazed (torched) to bring out the woods natural beauty and make it durable.
3-   Flag Parts are painted or stained
4-   Flag Parts are predrilled for assembly
5-   Flag is assembled
6-   Flag is Clear Coated
7-   Flag gets hand painted artwork (Stars, Lettering & Art)
8-   Flag is edged or Framed
9-   Flag has braces or Hanging bracket installed
10– Flag gets boxed up & shipped.