84" X 40"

  • Join Or Die Rustic Plank Out of Stock
    From: $399.76

    This Rustic Join Or Die piece is a great way to show your family’s love of one of the most iconic political statements in American history by a Founding Father, “Join Or Die” which has become synonymous with words like Liberty & Freedom! Standard: 37″ X 19″ LARGE: 47″ X…

  • Rustic Art - Patriotic Youth
    From: $399.76

    Our Rustic Art – Patriotic Youth features a hand painted piece of art of a boy on his horse holding his American Flag,  This plank is made of pieces of wood that have been hand selected for their more desirable grains.  We then use a torch to heat the wood…

  • Rustic Art - The Fishermen
    From: $239.76

    Our Fishermen piece celebrates a way of life that fewer and fewer Americans understand.  It features our original artwork of a fishermen with a Large Mouth Bass hooked while it breaches the water. This plank is made of 13 pieces of wood that have been hand selected for their more…

  • Rustic Betsy Ross FlagRustic Betsy Ross Flag
    From: $119.76

    Our “Rustic Betsy Ross” American Flag like all our flags is 100% handcrafted.  No cheap stencils & spray paint, or other short cuts of any kind.  Each flags is constructed how “Official” flags are with each flag having it’s own individual canton (stars) piece with 13 individual stripe pieces.  Every single…

  • Rustic III %'er Flag
    From: $119.76

    Our Rustic III %’er Flag is a stunning flag with highlighted grain and matching wood grain frame, it is sure to be a eyes turning piece of patriotic art for your home or office! Standard: 37″ X 19″ LARGE: 47″ X 25″ XL: 84″ X 40″ (no frame) …

  • Thin Green LineThin Green Line
    From: $109.76

    Our “Thin Green Line Flag” is the only wood flag in the country offered as a 100% handcrafted flag including hand painted stars.  Honor the Officer in your life with a gift that showcases both patriotism and their service to their community.